Sunday, 6 May 2012

COMMENT: Cinema is too expensive

This afternoon I am taking my two girls (ages 6 and 4) to see Mirror, Mirror at the cinema (Showcase Cinema, Nottingham). (I'm writing this listening to bland sons waiting for the adverts to start).

Having read various reviews, I don't have high hopes for the movie but it was their choice.

The tickets were expensive enough (£8.40 for an adult, £6.00 for each child), and with a tiny bag of sweets each, a small (labelled as medium - it can surely only be medium if there are smaller and larger sizes) popcorn and a fizzy drink that we shared and this trip to the cinema ended up costing over £30.

Yes, £30 for a mediocre movie lasting 90 minutes plus some refreshments for one adult and two infant schoolchildren.

That is too much.

No wonder there's us plus one other family here and the rest of the cinema is empty.

Yes, I know it's optional and we should have gone to the Saturday morning kids' movie but that wasn't possible.

If cinemas want to survive they need to wake up to reality. With prices like this they are commuting business suicide.

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