Sunday, 13 May 2012

Britain's Got Talent - the joke must end

There are so many things that Britain's Got Talent should rightly be criticised for: the taunting and mocking of people with learning difficulties; the way it monopolises ITV's schedule for weeks on end; the public humiliation and destruction of hopes; and now we can include animal cruelty.

On Saturday evening, a dancing dog called Pudsey won this year's BGT. An absolute outrage, made all the worse by the fact the British public voted for it.

After this it would be wrong to ever call it the GREAT Vritish public. There is nothing great about making animals perform for human entertainment. It is cruel and abusive. If it had bee an elephant in a circus there would probably have been a public outcry.

But, for some reason that's beyond me, the public, lead by Simon Cowell's enthusiasm for dog acts, think that making a smelly shit machine walk on its hind legs to music is both entertaining and talented.

It is not.

Simon Cowell, the show's prodigal guru, identified the problem and said that it would be wrong for anyone to say a dancing dog act was animal cruelty.

Why did he feel the need to say that?

Because he knows that it is animal abuse.

Some say it's cute. It's not. Some say it's funny. It's not. Some say there's no harm, which is a lie.

The show must be stopped. Paying someone half a million pounds to publicly abuse an animal is just wrong. It should be criminal.

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