Sunday, 1 February 2009

Will it snow?

There are lots of predictions of snow for the coming week. A blast from Russia bringing sub-zero temperatures, ice and snow.....

But how will that affect dieting?

Freezing temperatures and snow might look pretty but they don't make you want to eat salad and fruit do they?

SO how do I eat healthily, low-GI (ish) and keep warm?

Jacket potatoes seem a good option.... but, oh the carbs! I know potatoes, cooked like that are good carbs rather than bad carbs but, well, I'm not a big fan and having gone a month (nearly) with very limited quantity of carbs to start having jacket potatoes would seem very strange.

Soups seem a good option - though I have to admit I've only ever really considered soups for lunch or as a starter, not for a main course. I do love the Covent Garden soups - but some have quite a lot of cream in. I must be careful to read labels before buying I guess.

I used to be a very conscientious label reader when I turned vegetarian in 1984 - it's scary how many things you'd assume were vegetarian but aren't.... is it Walker's Cheese & Onion Crisps which aren't suitable for vegetarians? Why, when there's a suitable vegetarian alternative, do companies insist on using some animal in their product? Is it really just a case of cost? Have they no ethics?

Has anyone any other suggestions?